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Climate Control

Moisture and dryness ( not hot & cold ) affect the stability of a piano the most.  A piano is made of roughly eighty percent wood, and wood is very susceptible to changes in humidity. Too much moisture, the piano expands, stretching the strings and raising the pitch. Too dry, the opposite occurs, and the piano loses pitch.

Isaac has more than twenty-five years experience with installing custom humidity control systems in uprights, grands, and concert grands. These systems will stabilize your instrument, extend the life of each tuning, and protect your piano from long term damage such as a cracked soundboard or damaged pin block.  Isaac is listed as a Field Expert and Certified Installer by Dampp-chaser, the internationally-known manufacturer of these systems.  Check them out at www.pianolifesaver.com Call or email Isaac for a professional consultation today!

Call 203-846-9500 or email isaac@pianoprecision.com  to make an appointment!

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